TrustAged.org | Disabled Senior Having FunOver one million seniors or disabled individuals cannot afford medications and food

It is estimated that over one million seniors and disabled individuals will have to make the hard decision of choosing between paying for medications, or feeding themselves. What’s more, healthcare, medication, and living expenses are only increasing.

We help make life affordable!

An AGED Special Needs Pooled Trust is an effective tool for seniors and / or disabled individuals, allowing them to place income and / or assets that are over government benefit limit requirements into the trust, so that they can qualify for much needed government benefits.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Seniors and / or disabled individuals 65 and older, who need assistance qualifying for government benefits.
  • Disabled children and adults under 65 who need to protect their government benefits.
  • Individuals inheriting money who need to preserve their government benefits.

Healthcare, medication, and living expenses are increasing, but you can save on costly care expenses with an AGED Special Needs Pooled Trust. We help make life affordable!

Need More Information?

Contact us today to see how we can help you or a loved one qualify for government benefits, reduce medication costs, and preserve assets.

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